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More about: Leny Wenzel


Leny Wenzel Waterski

Name: Leny Wenzel
Date of birth: 01.12.2008
Class: Waterski Tournament U12 Slalom, Trick & Jump

That’s how it all started…

Like my big sister Emily before me, I was born into this breathtaking water skiing world – my parents were also successful competition runners.
As a baby I fell asleep best in the boat and sometime at the age of 1.5 my mom took me on the boards for the first time and, as you can see quite well, I had a lot of fun here already… the speed and the incredibly great feeling, I was impressed from the first moment on.
Since then there was no stopping and with just 4 years I stood then the first time completely alone on the skis and loved this tickle in the belly … it felt like a firework when the boat started.
From now on everything went very fast and after only a few months on a monoski, I tried the trickski and trained already diligently for my first small competition for young talents.
As the youngest water ski mouse I did very well and that spurred me on, of course, to step on the gas even more.
So I got infected with the water ski virus too.
From now on I trained as often as possible with Emily, Mom and Dad on the local water ski course – I couldn’t imagine a life without water skiing!
Soon the junior competitions became boring and I wanted to start at a „real“ youth championship… wished, trained, done… in 2017 it was time to show what I was made of in the youngest group U10 – also here I was the smallest and stood in both disciplines, slalom and trick, at the top of the podium.
One year later in 2018 I grabbed Emily’s jump skier (I really wanted to try it) and three times you can guess!!! I had a lot of fun and loved to jump over the hill. Also here I won the German youth championship in my group U10 next to trick and slalom with great personal bests.
I am also the German record holder in U10 in slalom, trick and jump.
I definitely owe it to my parents and of course to my very successful sister Emily that I can now also be a part of this great sport and I’m already curious where the fireworks will take me in 2019.


Results 2018
1th place Slalom/Trickski/Jump/Overall German Championship under 10
1th place German Slalom Tour under 10
1th place Slalom/Trickski/Jump/Overall int. Bremerhaven Cup under 10
3rd place German Team Championship
2nd place Ranking list 2018 Europe – Africa Confederation (best five, skiers Under 10 Women)

Results 2017
1th place Slalom/Trickski/Overall German Championship under 10
1th place German Slalom Tour under 10
1th place Slalom/Trickski/Overall int. Bremerhaven Cup under 10

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