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Welcome to a new Team member @Tournament Waterski – Lara Brummel from Berlin (Germany)

Skier: Lara Brummel, Berlin (Germany) Date of birth: 28.09.2003 Class: Waterski Tournament U17 Slalom & Trick & Jump Results: Best Results: Slalom: 3@13@55kph Jump: 29.9 m Trick: 2500 points Results 2019 1st Jump German Nationals U17 2nd Slalom German Nationals U17 2nd Overall German Nationals U17 4th Tricks German Nationals U17 1st Slalom International German Open Championships U17 1st Tricks International German Open Championships U17 1st Jump International German Open Championships U17 1st Overall International German Open Championships U17 Results 2018 1st Slalom German Nationals U17 1st Overall German Nationals U17 2nd Jump German Nationals U17 4th Trick German Nationals U17 Results 2017 1st Slalom German Nationals U14 1st Tricks German Nationals U14 1st Jump German Nationals U14 1st Overall German Nationals U14

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F1 Grand Prix France/Evian

Ravenol Team Germany Sports – Blaze Performance Bad team results in the Qualifying for Greg Foster and Francesco Cantando.Starting grid: Greg Foster on place 14 and Francesco on the 20th place, because he change the engine. Francesco Cantando had to finish the race in lap 25, concerning of electric problems, but he was on the 5th place at this moment!Greg Foster did a very good job. He finish the Grand Prix on the 7th place.

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