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Waterski Nation Slalom Cup, USA

Congrats to our teammate Nate Smith for amazing results at the Waterski Nation Slalom Cup in Florida, USA. Special mention for Nate that took 10,25m (41 off) all 3 rounds.

Team Germany Sports proudly presents Carlotta Bonnemann

Carlotta is 21 years old. Unlike everyone would think, coming from Dortmund (Germany), Carlotta is a talented young athlete from a passionate waterski family. She basically grew up on the water next to her brother (Kim) and two sisters (Giannina and Chiara). Together, they traveled all around Europe to find the best training spots and later on became known, in the competitive ski world, as the Bonnemann sisters by winning a „silver team medal at the U21 European Championship“ (2015). Not only is she a „multiple-time national champion“ but a „bronze medalist at the European Youth Championships“ in 2015. Welcome to the team.