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F1 Grand Prix Portimao/Portugal

Ravenol Team Germany Motorsport – Blaze Performance

After a good result in training and qualifying, the Formula 1 team was unlucky with both boats in the race. Due to a technical problem, Francesco Cantando had to finish the race prematurely after 15 laps. 5 laps later, Greg Forster was also hit, with a broken connecting rod on the engine.

The team was successful in Formula 4, F1 H2O World Championship Series. Max Stilz won the 1st Grand Prix of the 2019 season in Portimao. With the goal of winning the 2019 title, he is now preparing for his next race in China with a few days of testing.

The next race in Formula 1 will take place on 07.07.2019 in Evian / France.

Team Germany Sports created an new division – Team Germany Sports Tournament Waterski

Team Germany support young talents to bring them to their next level in their sport.

We are proud to have the best young talents from each country in our team:

Anna Gay, USA: Pro Waterskier – Team mentoring program for Trick
Nate Smith, USA: Pro Waterskier – Team mentoring program for Slalom
Sean Hunter, USA: Waterski Tournament U21 Slalom
Florian Parth, Italy: Slalom / Trick and Jump
Emily Wenzel, Germany: Slalom / Trick and Jump
Leni Wenzel, Germany: Slalom / Trick and Jump
Jacky Kirsch, Germany: Barefoot Waterski
André Schürle, Germany: Teammanager.

F1 Grand Prix Dammam/Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately the Formula 1 Gand Prix in Dammam could not be held due to rough seas and very strong winds.
The qualifiying was started on Friday, 28.03.19. After a short time the experience of Francesco Cantando became apparent, who took the 2nd place, with a large distance on the third place. Also our new driver Greg Forster, from the USA, managed to place on the 5th place. However, the weather conditions became more and more dramatic and so his boat took off on a wave and hit the following wave. After that the qualifying was cancelled because the risk for the riders was too high. On Saturday, 29.03.19, the organizer tried to start the race provisionally. However, the race control had to cancel it again a short time later.
Now the team looks forward confidently to the next race of the season in Portimao/Portugal, on 19 May 2019.