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Waterski Nation Slalom Cup, USA

Congrats to our teammate Nate Smith for amazing results at the Waterski Nation Slalom Cup in Florida, USA.

Special mention for Nate that took 10,25m (41 off) all 3 rounds.

Team Germany Sports proudly presents Carlotta Bonnemann

Carlotta is 21 years old.
Unlike everyone would think, coming from Dortmund (Germany), Carlotta is a talented young athlete from a passionate waterski family. She basically grew up on the water next to her brother (Kim) and two sisters (Giannina and Chiara). Together, they traveled all around Europe to find the best training spots and later on became known, in the competitive ski world, as the Bonnemann sisters by winning a „silver team medal at the U21 European Championship“ (2015). Not only is she a „multiple-time national champion“ but a „bronze medalist at the European Youth Championships“ in 2015.

Welcome to the team.

Moomba Masters Melbourne/ Australia 2020

Congrats to our ProSkiers, they did an amazing job.
Nate Smith won the OpenSlalom and the Nightslalom title.
Anna Gay finished second in trick.
We are proud of our athletes.
And we look forward to the next big events: the Swiss ProAM in Clermont Swiss Waterski Resort/USA and the Masters Water Ski Tournament Atlanta Gallaway Gardens/USA.

Sean Hunter

Team Germany Sports, proudly presents a new team member for Tournament Waterski.


Sean Hunter from USA, 19 years old.
He lives in Dothan, Alabama and he is a very talented young skier from the USA.
Look at his main results:
3x US National Slalom Champion
2x NCWSA National Slalom Champion
3x Junior US Open Slalom Champion
2x Junior Malibu Open Slalom Champion
ran 10.75m (39 off) at 16 years old

It’s an honor for us to have Sean in our team!

F1 Grand Prix Sharjah/U.A.E.

Flag VAE

Ravenol Team Germany Sports – Blaze Performance won in Sharjah/U.A.E. the overall titel in the F4 – F1 H2O World Championship 2019.
Our team reached the drivers world titel with Max Stilz and the team Championship 2019.
A big thanks to the team for an amazing job in 2019.

Thanks also to our partners to support us, to reach this great result.

Team Germany Sports proudly presents two new team members for the division Tournament Waterski.

Anna Gay from USA and Nate Smith from the USA.
Booth are the best current waterskiers of the world in Trick and Slalom.

Anna Gay

Anna Gay main results:
– 2x World Champion Trick (Open)
– 2x World Champion Trick (U21)
– 2x World Champion Overall (U21)
– 2x World Champion Trick (Juniors)
– Masters Champion Trick
– 2x Moomba Masters Champion Trick

Nate Smith

Nate Smith main results in Slalom:
– World Record Holder 2.5@9.75
– 2x World Champion
– 4x Masters Champion
– Moomba Masters Champion
– Malibu Open Champion
– US Nationals Champion
– Diablo ProAM Champion
– Calgary Shoot Out Champion
– California ProAM Campion

F1 Grand Prix Xiamen/China

Ravenol Team Germany Sports – Blaze Performance, driver Max Stilz won race one and two to take overall victory in China at F4 – F 1 H2O World Championship Series.
Max Stilz lead with 32 points in the Championship standing. Now we are looking forward to the final round of the year in Sharjah at the United Arab Emirates in December and try to finish the season with the titel.

In Formula 1, teamdriver Greg Forster, from the USA, finished the first race on place 6 and the second race on place 8, in China. So he reached good Championship points.
Congratulation to these results for the team.

Next and final Grand Prix will be on the 21st of December in Sharjah.